A Collection Of Work

Guidelines For Submitting An Essay

A Brief Overview:

‘ The Write About Love Project ‘ is meant to provide a space to share personal stories of love, hope, and acts of kindness. I hope to see essays that inspire and help us to remember the impact we have on others when we share our experiences and write about love.

If you need more background on how it began, you can read about it in detail by clicking on ‘ The Write About Love Project.

Submitting Your Story

What I Am Hoping You Will Send Me:

  • A personal essay that you are connected to by experience or relationship.
  • Unpublished nonfiction
  • Short pieces from 300 to 1200 words, although longer pieces will be considered.
  • A story that is uplifting even if it is sad in the initial circumstance. For instance, if you write about the loss of a love, a major focus might be on something you learned about yourself or others who supported you through a difficult time.

More Details:

  • You may submit as many essays as you wish through email.
  • By emailing me your essay for ‘ The Write About Love Project ‘ you are also granting me permission to publish it on the ‘ The Write About Love Project ‘ website.
  • You will maintain copyright of your essay and will be listed as the author.


  • I regret that payment for your contribution is not possible at this time. My intention is to seek a publisher for the collection and if successful, I would contact you for written permission allowing me to your include story. Inclusion would offer writers an opportunity to add another publishing credit and I would actively work at promotion and raising awareness for ‘ The Write About Love Project .’

You may contact me with any questions at  thewriteaboutloveproject@yahoo.com


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